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A major milestone that can be found in every relationship between couples is the issue of living together before getting married. In a bid to prepare adequately for the issue of cohabitation, some wonderful information has been arranged below to help couples move their belongings smoothly into each other’s houses.

But the main thing you need to do is FIND a moving company. This doesn’t mean that you just search up your local northwest movers portland in the phonebook-this is where you get serious. Ask friends, ask coworkers. Most of all, look online.

They have services for local moving needs or long distance moving needs. Just call their customer service number or check out their website to learn more about their services and their price offers.

Immediately get online. You’ll want to check out where you’ll be moving, including information about local schools, entertainment, cheap grocery outlets, local parks and recreation.

What is their specialty or do they even have one? Sometimes a jack of all trade can be handy but at other times you might need a specialized moving company, depending on your needs before telling them what you need done. If you need a piano move ask them how many pianos they have moved before and the type of pianos. Do the same about office moves or heavy machinery. If they are offer auto transport services in Canada or the USA ask them if the cars are shipped by rail or truck.

Do take a few opinions before you commit to any one company. Make sure you get quotations from at least three, and never take their word for it on the phone! When you seal the deal, pay an advance and expect them to show up. Unfortunately, an employee’s word could let you down, if that is all that is binding them to show up at the decided venue and date.

So, the company only sends a truck with one driver, and you need to take care of the unloading as well. This is normally the cheapest way out. Get a good idea of all deals that the firm is able to offer you before you commit to one. No doubt the more money it takes, the less is the strain on you and your family.

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