Compare Hearing Aids Before You Buy!

When I had to start looking for a hearing aid for my mother, I found hundreds of different options on the market. I know nothing about hearing aids for seniors! I spent well over 97 hours researching these options available, and before I knew it, WELL over 2 solid weeks of my time was gone.

Digital noise reduction. Using complex algorithms, this feature is making hearing aids “smarter” and able to tell the difference between speech and background noise.

Hearing loss in only one ear is much easier to notice and you will notice this quite easily. This can be corrected as most in-nano hearing can be calibrated to give you equal hearing capability in both ears. We all tend to lose our hearing as we get older. As we get older we lose our ability to hear high pitch tones and while small kids are very sensitive to these sounds, you will probably not even hear it.

Some corporations offer ITE ( in the ear) hearing aids for deaf dogs. For these, the veterinary takes a mold of the deaf dog ear canal. That is dispatched in to the laboratory and a human ITE is constructed into it. Whether or not a dog will take to the testing and fitting and at last the hearing aids’ being put in his ears is questionable. Some will and a few won’t. Many dog owners really feel that it’s definitely worth the charge and the trouble to try. The truth is, there are some pet veterinary insurance firms that pay the fee for them.

There are several styles of hearing aids that you can choose from. Each style has its own pros and cons. It would highly depend on your preference on which style you would want to use.

So what did I pay? $1990 for a pair of hearing aids, and guess what? I got a great pair of hearing aids for less than $2500.00 I also got a 1 year supply of batteries included with my purchase, a year warranty, 45 days to try them out. They are clear, no color. I like them a lot. These hearing aids automatically adjust to loud noisy areas, which was important to me. They are directional. I got them custom programmed to my test results. All for $1990, I am not saying that $1990 isn’t expensive, but I am saying I know that I got a good price. I consider them the perfect buy, I have no regrets so far.

If you find a style but the amplification or fit is not to your liking, you still have many options. Try another manufacturer with a different fit system, try a digital (or analog) device, again you are only risking the shipping and handling fee. You are in your own home, you have plenty of time and you’re protected by your credit card company. There is no better way to learn about hearing devices.

These are the different types of hearing aids. In-the-ear designs can treat more severe forms of hearing loss because they can accommodate larger sound amplifiers. Open-fit designs are useful for people who suffer from wax buildup with other types of hearing aids.

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