Crazy About Packaging

So you took your brilliant idea and turned it into a reality. You have everything in order, from the legal framework and the intellectual property rights to contract manufacturer. You now must put on your “marketing hat” and develop the perfect package for your product. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to make sure your product not only looks professional, but that is stands out and attracts as many customers as possible.

There are actually many articles and even how tos reports and videos which can help you create stunning packaging design. But it is important that you choose the right amazon product design that would suit your needs as well as your budget. Through this article you will surely learn all the important things which you need to consider attaining the right packaging design that would work best for you. So to give you more packaging design ideas, I gathered some of the important pointers and tips that would surely help you out.

The artwork. The artwork of the DVD packaging should be designed in such a way that it would ENTICE and INTRIGUE a regular buyer. And the DVD packaging should not simply intrigue him on a first level. It should intrigue him so much that he has no other choice but to pick up the DVD, examine the artwork closer, and read the synopsis at the back. The DVD packaging should be able to do this in order for it to become effective.

Color and Attribute: The next thing to check in order to determine whether or not a Bakugan is fake is its description. The Bakugan would be fake if its color is not the same as is general. For example, you found a Bakugan with a subterra attribute, but is colored with a very dark brown. This Bakugan would be fake. Now if you get a Bakugan with a Pyrus attribute but is colored blue, obviously the Bakugan is a fake. Aside from the consistency of the color and attribute, you should also take a closer look at the attribute itself. Fake Bakugan usually make a mistake with its attributes, making a circular end rather than a sharp point, for instance.

Most labels are printed on white or clear material, but there are many other options available to you. One look you can consider is using a metallic foil for your labels or packaging. With a good design the metallic look can be very striking when compared to the same design on white, and really isnt that much more expensive.

Anything that is associated with your business will become somewhat of a representative of your business in the market. Thus, it includes product packaging. Make sure to include your company’s logo in the package. It helps to build more credibility. In addition, a properly designed package conveys professionalism and consumers find it easier to trust products whom they believe is created by credible companies.

Might be too obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forget to leave space for a UPC code. If you want to be taken seriously, you need one regardless of where it will be sold. If you want to be sold in large retail stores, you need your own prefix, which can be purchased at GS1, the industry standard. Since this can be a rather large investment of about $750, if you would rather hold off and have your product sold online and in smaller stores, then purchasing a single UPC code at somewhere like SingleUPC for about $25 would be fine.

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