Do Not Believe The 3 Most Common Myths About Dating

Have you ever found yourself unwittingly killing the attraction that exists between you and a guy? How can you keep his attention and your relationship alive and kicking? Are there certain faux-pas you are committing that might be resulting in his loss of interest? The following mistakes are fatal to any attraction and will eventually lead to a relationship’s demise.

If you work outside the home and can afford more than one, you may want to splurge on a second suit in a more fashion-forward color, like burgundy, which often works as a pseudo-neutral.

“No, I just – the lights were off, and I thought – you know what?” I said defensively, but had nothing else to say. I put down my accusing finger. “Who are you?” I asked.

If you decide that you want to wear your fitted camo sweatpants and t-shirt instead of jeans one morning, try adding a brightly colored tennis shoe to the outfit. A cute and trendy shoe can add a lot to a boring outfit. Also, you can see how many people compliment you on your shoes that day.

As I was driving home I slapped my head, thinking I should have known; Jon was an athletic performance major in school. I knew right away that’s where he must have learned about the LKM. He’d heard the murmurings, and he’d gone underground to hear and see more.

As for socks, buy all the same kind. It will save you time in sorting the laundry and pairing them up. Get socks with some stretch in them, and a little padding. White is probably best. But keep a pair of dark trouser socks on hand if you wear slacks a lot. And for the love of all that’s sacred, ditch the pantyhose. You don’t need them. And if you ever do, you can buy them at the convenient store at the last minute.

Guys understand that women are more emotional. That is usually not a problem. But if you are overly emotional, even more than most girls, you really need to calm down and get a big dose of reality. Men don’t want to be dealing with emotionally needy women and their problems. Do people walk by you and whisper amongst themselves, “drama drama drama”? That would be a clue that you need to change.

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