Dog Training – 5 Common Mistakes People Often Make When Training Their Dogs

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As the owner, it is also important that you keep yourself well-informed about these developments. Normally, prior to having the services of a dog expert, you can avail of a free evaluation visit. You can take advantage of this chance if you cannot choose one yet. It would give you the opportunity to gauge the skills of the said trainer. You may also ask some questions regarding the scope of his services as well as his background in the field of canine training. There is nothing wrong with being inquisitive especially when you need ample information on the trainer’s online dog training program.

If you are rewarding your dog for normal daily good behavior, or when you simply feel the need to give your pet a tasty treat, then by all means give them a treat they will enjoy, but be careful, as too many rewards given for no effort diminishes the effectiveness of each reward.

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You have probably already heard of Schutzhund, but will get into that later. The best way to begin Rottweiler training would be in quick sessions. This is for him to look forward to it and not easily get bored. You can start with the basic commands such as sit, stay and down, and then go from there.

When your Pit Bull puppy has mastered the walk without a leash, and coming to you when you call him, you can probably begin training him on a lead. Most veterinarians will recommend starting with a nylon collar before trying a choker collar. Most of the time, the choker collar isn’t needed, unless you have a very strong willed Pit Bull.

We’re not talking keeping an entire cupboard of separate treats, but you should separate them so your dog can learn the difference between them. When your dog is getting rewarded all the time from normal treats, you have to step up the treat for better responsiveness during training sessions. This is not rocket science; just have two sets of treats, one normal and one of a much higher quality.

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