Game Chair – Aka – A Better Game Chair

If you have a teenage boy on your holiday list, chances are you are a little confused about what to purchase, but there are many great gifts under $20 for that teenager on your list that don’t necessarily require purchasing a small rectangular piece of plastic (in most cases.) You might be tempted to cave and buy that gift card, but if you’re not into purchasing a parcel of generic buying power, here are ten great gifts for teen boys for under $20.

Boys and their gadgets, they never seem to be without them. A great accessory that can be used across their tech toys would be the solar charger. Any device attached to a USB port can be powered by this. It is also extremely portable and handy.

I had to quickly draw up what this could look like, and have it ready before my niece was to leave for vacation with her sister. Using felt tip pens, markers, and a reference for the Coca-Cola logo, I went to work drawing just enough to let her see what it would look like.

If you take a look at the logic behind a Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review, perhaps you can see where I am getting at. These usually made out of plastic awkward contraptions are anything but flexible, which is what you really need when you get into the game. A bean bag chair is much more suitable for what you are looking for in this instance.

Comfort is one of the most important things to look at. When you browse for the chair make sure you test the seat. The key is to get a chair that is not too soft but not too hard. You need to remember that over time the seat will become softer.

Playseats are mainly designed for car games. They have a racing look and feel, and some even come with pedals. These are recommended, but only if you mainly or only play racing games.

Like most gamers, I care more about the quality of the graphics and game interface than having a cool surround sound feature when gaming. For this reason, I rarely utilize the X Rocker’s speakers. However, the chair is extremely comfortable to sit in, and even without the sound is worth every penny.

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Game Chair – Aka – A Better Game Chair

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