Have You Given Yet? Improve Your Dental Marketing Karma

In the dental marketing arena, starting up with the business means that you have to have the strategies on how to start it right. And in dental marketing you should be able to know how to make your practice come hand-in-hand with the business. In this article, I will share with you the strategy on how to do just that in your dental marketing business.

The great thing about running a free standing insert in internal dental marketing agency is that you have a LOT of space to tell the story, to edcutate, to agitate problems, and to give really good benefits and reasons why they should call you TODAY! When I read most dental ads, they are missing the “hook”, or the reason why people should continue to read, be interested, or quite bluntly care at all about this ad that you have placed. The key to grabbing this is to make the ad emotion based, news based with special interest, pain based, testimonial driven, or “celebrity based”(turning yourself into a celebrity!). There are more ways, but the bottom line is that when you are searching for ideas of ways to rotate “what” you are going to place, then that’s a good start.

Start with a goal: $2 million in treatments sold this year; expand into new premises by a certain date; double the size of the practice in 2 years… whatever your goal may be. Something realistic, but challenging. That’s the “war” you want to win. Guess who the general is.

Message: This is what you are telling them. Is your message about a charity you support, a special offer you have, or even a staff member that just had a baby.

Another important aspect of successful marketing is who you are selling too? Especially if you want to sell high-end cosmetic procedures. Truth is, I’d rather market to 300 qualified prospects that fit every criteria for buying, than 20,000 neighborhood folks who I have no knowledge of. Figure out who your perfect prospect is. And then, target these people like a pit bull on a chicken wing.

The search engine spiders will jump down and grab a hold of the first bit of text it can. If that bit of text happens to be, “Closed on Sundays” then your web site page will look rather unspectacular online. It will read something like, “Welcome to Smith Cosmetic Dentistry – Closed on Sundays”. There is very little chance that your page listing is going to get clicked on anytime soon. There would be the missed opportunity to truly sell your services.

So again, in order to become highly successful in the business of on-line dental marketing, just follow the equation: T+C=Cash. Find ways to build and improve your web page in a manner that it would increase the people visiting your own site, and convert these visitors into your own patients!

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