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As a writer, you are always on the prowl for stories. Many people don’t understand that a writer is working nearly every waking hour. Sure, writers take time out for fun and diversions, but every life experience has the potential to become an article, spark ideas, or fill in details of a work in progress.

As stated earlier, the danger intensifies when the victims tries to leave or once they have left. As long as the abusers are not in jail, the threat of death to victims is real and death is often the outcome.

“Oh no!” I know, I just crushed the basis for much of the research in Domestic Violence. Well, take a statistics class in college and learn how these statistics are constructed and you will know the truth. Don’t take my word for it. Statistics can be manipulated to reach any conclusion you want them to if you know how to do it.

Based upon the list above, the savesociology based is geared mostly toward working moms, single moms, stay at home moms, and young moms. You should apply for all that you qualify for, no matter how many there are!

Even if you assume no bias in the formulating of these statistics, in any area of Family Violence, you can’t reach factual statistics. The statistics only express those cases reported. There are too many cases of abuse within families which are never reported for these statistics to be accurate. Even today, there are many who do not report the abuse they have received.

After that first meeting in the office, the student rarely, if ever, attended. I saw him once in the hallway, and said, “Don’t forget that we’re having mock interviews this week. You have one scheduled. Are you coming to class?” (I was on the way there, descending the staircase to reach my classroom. He was on his way up the same staircase.) He was not coming to class.

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