Leadership Coaching: Helping Others Helps You

How much energy do you invest in developing your natural abilities and skills? Would you rather be a leader or a follower? Leaders like winning and tend to think well of themselves. They influence others by what they do, rather then by what they say. Most of the time, leaders also do the right things. Followers like to look for anyone that will tell them what to do and carry them through life. They are never in a position of power and are not rewarded for their lack of leadership ability.

This will mean that you’re living YOUR TRUE PURPOSE in life. MLM business Success comes much easier when you’re living and chasing dreams that follow your true purpose.

You may think the workplace is safe; or at least as safe as you can make it. Don’t be overly confident though. Observe and talk to workers to uncover situations, unknown to you, that they may see as a threat to their safety. This doesn’t mean you can remove all hazards, some jobs have inherent dangers, but your worker’s stress is reduced when they know you’re looking out for them.

Lets start by talking about the history of the industry and what we can learn from companies that have already come along and become substantial players. To the best of my knowledge there have only ever been 7 companies in the history of this industry to achieve what we call Billion Dollar status at the time of writing this chapter. Billion dollar status means they have reached a point in which they are doing over one billion dollars or more in sales within one year and have sustained it. Seven isn’t many for a 60-year-old industry. In fact history has shown that a new Billion Dollar company only comes around every 6 to 10 years or so.

He is nicknamed as ‘captain cool’. A very important feature of good Management Training. We have seen him maintaining his composure even through high voltage situations. It’s easier said than done given the passion that we Indians have for a game of cricket. Our passion for this game blindfolds us towards realities of the game which puts excessive pressure on entire team, especially captain.

This may seem like a no-brainer… but when is the last time you did it? Rehearse sales. Rehearse closure. Have a sales consultant travel with your road reps or spend time in-store watching and coaching in real time.

Here’s my suggestion (to all journalists) for an eleventh idea to the smart strategies list: proof more than just what you have written. Take the time to make sure you are not sending a message via your editors that could hurt in ways much deeper (and subliminal) than aching muscles.

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