Learn Conversational Spanish With These Linguist’s Tips

Now you have to draw traffic to the newly translated sites. There are many ways to draw traffic, but the search engines are just as important in German or Spanish as they are in English.

If visitors to your site can sign up for periodic emails or a newsletter, show your Latino customers that you also have something for them. If you sell diabetes testing supplies, send new, healthy recipes for Latino food every quarter. If you’re a retailer, email your customers and remind them of your services at key times of the year. These dates will vary depending on your type of store, but Mother’s Day, back-to-school, and Christmas should be on your list.

Teaching ESL to Immigrants. Not all immigrants arrive in this country knowing a modicum of English to help them get by in everyday activities such as shopping for necessities and asking for information. If you happen to speak their native tongue, you can charge them a reasonable fee to teach them English as their second language (and hopefully make it their first language eventually). Teaching ESL is one of the money making opportunities that can be taught in person or online. If your clients don’t have a computer set up yet, then you may have to charge them a slightly higher fee to come to their house to teach them as well as provide learning materials for them.

For example, one of my online patients sent me a few dreams for a transalation because she needed an urgent solution. However, she refused to admit her own mistakes. She told me that she only wanted to learn the meaning of her dreams, while I was making an analysis of her entire life history. She didn’t want to analyze anything.

For example, one of my patients recently submitted a dream for แปลภาษาจีน about a river. The river already gives us information, independently of the dream story, because it is an important dream symbol.

Get recommendations about those companies that are specializing in this area. This is among the best ways in order for you to get information about the trusted companies by the clients. It can certainly guide you later on when you are already about to choose a Chinese transalation company for this need.

Read Spanish newspapers. These also use very basic language, but a little more advanced. Translate passages you don’t understand with an transalation tool, write them down, and then study them.

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