Outdoor Fun In Moab, Utah

Do you have a spouse or sweetheart on your Christmas list? If you do, chances are you’ll be filling a stocking for them. Stockings are not just for kids. Here you’ll find lots of ideas for filling up a stocking for your sweetheart, sibling, parent or friend.

Best Arts Events. Along with Waterfire, there are several arts events this weekend. On Sunday from 3-10pm, Dawes Arboretum will celebrate with Bluegrass, Barbecue, and Boom! Join in the fun for some good music, great food, and a fireworks show at the end of the evening. On Monday from 10a-5pm, nearly 200 local, regional, and national artists will display their work at the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival.

Look for unique shapes of picnic baskets. Some are designed specifically for a special event. One might be a white washed basket in a heart shape meant for a wedding couple. Another special shape and style could be an oval basket with deep rose lid and handles to signify romance. This could be given to any couple.

Those looking for high adventure may also want to check into Bridge Day, held on the third Saturday in October each year. About 400 BASE jumpers participate each year in a group jump off the bridge.

Another great benefit of fitness is the bonding time. Whether you are with family or friends or even your favorite pet, doing outdoor sports and activities can help you to bond with your loved ones in a way that is difficult otherwise. It forces you to talk and interact while sharing the experience of some type of outdoor activity. Nothing could ever replace the long talks that I have had with my mom while out walking, the laughs my boyfriend and I have had while kayaking or the interesting stories my friends and I have shared while hiking. These are experiences and moments that could never be replaced and were all possible because we were sharing the outdoors together.

Office Supplies. Christmas is a great time to restock your loved one’s desk or home office. Pens, tape, batteries, staples and stationery are all great office-related items that will fit into a stocking. Or, why not save someone else the trouble of running to the post office by putting a sheet of stamps in his or her stocking? A special coffee mug for the office is also a great idea.

Inside the basket, there should usually be a lining. Some of them are lined with canvas, corduroy, or quilted cotton. Many come complete with picnic blankets so your friends can stretch out their picnic lunch on a shady park lawn or in a breezy meadow. There are several options for transporting wine in picnic baskets. Some of them have special wine holders that attach to the outside of the basket. Others have special compartments inside for bottles of wine. There are others that are simply roomy enough that you can put the bottle of wine in the bottom of the basket.

Last Chance for Boston Marathon, Crown Plaza Hotel, 600 Metro Place North, Dublin. 5K, 10K, half-marathon & full marathon races held within a one-mile loop. Prices vary depending on length of race chosen & date of registration. Check here for more details.

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