Photography As A Business – Adapting To The Commercial Angle

Lights are some of the most important tools photographers use in the creation of their final products. Here’s a look at some of the most basic photography lighting equipment, as it relates to studio strobe lighting. Choose the right tools, and you’ll get a better result, every time. While you may occasionally be able to get good results with the wrong equipment, most of the time you won’t. There’s a slim chance that a photo taken with a bare flash head will work out. However, rather than take that chance, it’s a better idea to find the equipment to help you do a really professional job.

Learn and remember that photography can’t be accomplished in total darkness. Light has a greater influence on your results than any other feature. Recently I was faced with a challenge.

We dropped our staff down to just one producer and hire on as needed when shooting. We also dumped our huge studio and moved into a smaller office space since we shoot primarily on location. Between these two cut backs we reduced our overhead by over 65%. I now can shoot less and spend more time creating images that are harder for the average photographer to produce. I am also having fun again and that is so important. If you’re not having fun it shows in your work and quality of life.

Though we have agencies in Utah and Idaho and work primarily in the Intermountain region we also find work in many surrounding markets. Because we are not in a top ten populated market we find work in many areas. Commercial print modeling, Lifestyle print modeling, a little bit of High Fashion modeling, Small budget and Feature films, Commercials, Website spoke persons, Brand Ambassadors and trade show modeling.

Producers are intermediaries. That is, most of the time a toronto commercial photography is working for someone else. They work for advertising and marketing agencies, as well as being commissioned directly by companies and non-profit agencies. It doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes and call local businesses you like and speak with their marketing personnel. Ask who makes decisions on media production, and if they’d be willing to receive a comp card directly from you. If you have the look they need, and demonstrate a professional, can-do attitude, they may specify you for their next photo or video project. Don’t forget to ask if they have a preferred producer they work with, and then ask if you can call that producer and mention their name as a referral source.

Another piece of basic photography lighting equipment is the grid spot. Shaped a bit like a metal honeycomb that goes over the reflector, it keeps the light from spreading, making multiple columns of light close together. This creates a spot light. Larger grid spots are more efficient, but they also take up more space. They work well for background lighting, however. You’ll also want to look at light boxes. These are a simple frame holding open a five sided box (some are also round). They offer a lot of control, and can work well for fill lighting.

I have had to be extremely diversified to grow and succeed. Sometimes there are a ton of movies all going on or commercials or print jobs and other times almost nothing. We are usually busy all the time because we have such a diverse section of talent that we can find opportunities daily. Also sometimes smaller market agents are just as smart and savvy as major market agents. They have to be just to survive.

Now prepare a brief for yourself, your team of people handling the promotions, and for the commercial photographer. This shall set the guidelines for everyone working for the project. Get it rolling and check your consumer’s reaction on the advertisement.

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