Why Wedding Photography Shouldn’t Give You A Headache

The chroma key Full body green screen suit is an amazing photography garment which can help both amateur and professional photographers in taking amazing and sparkling photographs. The green screen suit is a brilliant videography tool as well as great videos can be shot wearing this costume which could be later edited. You can make a person go invisible in the videos by making him wear the green body suit.

Standard lenses: are the most common use on today market. A standard lens has a focal length between 40 mm and 60 mm, which can be used for all types of photography. It’s the most flexible of all the lenses and should remain on the camera body at all times.

They DO sell tiny softboxes that you attach to your on camera flash, or white plastic covers you put over the flash lens – but the easiest and most popular way is to tape some sort of diffusion material over the flash’s lens.

But how can the emerging pro or serious enthusiast afford all those lenses? The answer is rent. That’s right. Gain access to the fast, expensive glass without the enormous price tag and without it sitting in your camera bag for weeks or months on end between uses. For my last wedding I rented Canon’s EF 70-200mm F2.8 IS USM beauty. This particular model has been around for a while and is still a workhorse (for my next wedding in a couple of weeks I will be using Canon’s new version of this lens and will post a review to let you know how it performed) and a staple of wedding DC event photographers and many portrait photographers. Nikon also has a similar lens in a similar configuration.

We’re talkin’ SLR here. Choosing your lens is one of the reasons a photographer chooses this type of camera. With this unit, almost all Canon lenses will be suitable to attach, and many manufacturers such as Tamron and Sigma make lenses for it as well.

The quality of the pictures taken would depend on the quality of the suit so the suit must be seamless and wrinkle free. Any kind of crease, folds or wrinkles in the photographs or videos would make editing difficult.

I especially love this lens for my portrait photography. Shooting between F2.8 and F4.0 with the lens racked out to 180-200mm causes the background to melt away into a creamy blur creating beautiful bokeh on background highlights. This truly is a must have lens.

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