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Remember playing the game Monopoly? You had all of the cash. You were raking in the dough. You bought real estate… and you built houses. You were killin’ it! People would land on your properties and they would have to pay you rent. Cash money baby!

Internet article marketing is a fantastic way to demonstrate your expertise and convey the real estate information and knowledge that you posses. It can set you apart from the competition and place you on a pedestal as a “Real estate witness” in the eyes of the consumer, which is what will ultimately bring in more cash for you.

Banks, naturally, love to loan money to people with good credit. Unlike buying a car or getting a credit card, they are a bit more lenient when it comes to credit blemishes. This is because a house generally appreciates in value over time, thus becoming a powerful piece of collateral in and of itself. Therefore, there is less risk on the part of the bank. Even so, you’ll find it difficult to get a good mortgage without good credit. Know your credit score and make sure your credit reports accurately reflect your history.

At some point down the road, oila! You have no more mortgage on house #1. Your renter has been paying your mortgage for all of those years. Now you are just collecting rental income and you are sitting pretty. Sweet! That is what passive income is all about. You also have the option of raising rents which is a great hedge on inflation.

But let’s assume you’ve found a custodian who knows exactly how to set you up to use your Roth IRA in property. Now you need to learn about the particular rules that apply to a self directed Roth IRA invested in real estate.

If you are still living in your home during the selling process, you should make a serious effort to be absent when your agent is bringing prospective buyers to the property for a tour. This allows your agent to work his or her professional magic without having to compete with an overzealous seller as he or she leads the tour.

A blog is known to be the best business website marketing tool. The main function of a blog is to generate traffic and sales leads for your website. Blogs help to keep your business website on top of leading search engines result pages.

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