Keyword Search Optimization

Did you know that blogs are awesome for list building? Here’s why: the search engine spiders come to your blog and they look at the text. Even if you have pictures or video on your blog, the spiders can only see text so the more often you write fresh content, the better the spiders like it. And if the spiders like, more people will see it. More people that see it the more you can grow your list.

Plan ahead. This is an important step of building your website. It is also a step that is often skipped by people using a simple website builder. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of building a website and want to jump right in and get started right away. However, it is important to go into this with a plan in place. Writing a basic outline of what you want to include on your site will help you make sure you don’t leave out anything important to your visitors. It will also help you stay on track as you build your site.

Notice that no mention of job seeking was made. You are looking to learn more about him. Hopefully, Matt will be receptive to the e-mail and will return the favor. While you have him as a captive audience, do ask about what he’s doing at IBM. What is their current marketing strategy? What goals do they have for the future? Where are they having challenges moving forward? Essentially, you are gathering information to set yourself up as the solutions provider!

There are many ways to offer constantly updating content to your website. RSS feeds allow you to display content that is hacked database search engine friendly and will help you in getting your site indexed by the search engines. Search engines will visit your site more often because they see is as being updated more often.

This choice was based on my own idea of my writing skills and on the fact that the Net is an information highway, so I should be able to use information, when I promote my home internet business opportunity.

Use quality content. Content is king on the internet. Not only does the right formulation of content get you site traffic, but the right content will convert visitors into customers. If you don’t think you can write great content on your own, you can always hire someone to do it for you. You can usually find these individuals on bid for work sites at very reasonable rates.

Once you start to have a habit of doing this, you will start noticing that not only your grades will improve, but at the same time you will become more intelligent. So starts now, develop your own hacker mindset and you will get better grades very soon.

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